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AMP & CTA tracklistings

Covers and tracklistings for a bunch of AMP and CTA CDs have been added to the AMP-catalog and CTA-catalog.

Orquesta Típica Corrientes - Dir. Yasushi Ozawa - Vocación Tanguera - AMP (CD-1170S)

Donato-Zerrillo - La Cumparsita - AMP (CD-1179)

Ada Falcón - Cascabelito - AMP (CD-1182)

Leyenda Tanguera de Europa - AMP (CD-1194)

Memorial Del Tango 11 - Edgardo Donato - AMP (CD-1197M)

Memorial Del Tango 12 - Juan Guido - AMP (CD-1198M)

Roberto Firpo Vol. 9 - Leguisamo solo - AMP (CD-1217)

Rosita Quiroga Vol. 2 - El ciruja - AMP (CD-1218)

Luis Petrucelli Vol. 2 - AMP (CD-1221)

Mercedes Simone Vol. 4 - Vieja amiga - AMP (CD-1224)

Francisco Lomuto Vol. 10 - Mamita - AMP (CD-1237)

Julio De Caro Vol. 1 (1926) - (CTA-121)

Roberto Firpo (hijo) - (CTA-402)

Enrique Mora (1950-1951) - (CTA-403)

Rosita Quiroga Vol. 1 (1923-1927 - (CTA-801)

Mercedes Simone Vol. 2 (1928-1937) - (CTA-812)

Libertad Lamarque Vol. 1 (1926-1932) - (CTA-831)

Azucena Maizani Vol.1 (1927-1928 / 1935) - (CTA-846)

Héctor Palacios (1936-1942) - (CTA-861)

Recordando el arte de Celia Gámez - (CTA-903)



December Special 2011

"Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery." (Oscar Wilde) Still it is difficult to accept when confronted with such a situation for the first time - at least for me.

Find out about my "unexpected christmas present" in my December Special Newsletter.



Newsletter December 2011

DJ-ing & dancing tango

  • DJ-ing schedule
  • Recommended international tango events
  • Discussion of early recording dates of recordings by Orquesta Edgardo Donato

CD-reviews & news

  • CTA-News (Japanese CD label)
  • AMP-News (Japanese CD label)
  • Sondor-News (Uruguay)
  • Review of the 15 CDs set "Tango An Anthology"


  • Cooperation of Tango.info and Tango-DJ.at




A great Osvaldo Pugliese CTA-CD has been added to the CTA-catalog. Listen especially to the voice of Alberto Morán in this soundsample and compare it with the recording you might have got. You will notice a completely different level of natural sound most likely.

08. Maleza - Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese con Alberto Morán - 2:57 - 1945 - Tango

Osvaldo Pugliese Vol. 2 (1944-1945) - (CTA-522)



Covers and tracklistings for four new AMPs have been added to the AMP-catalog.

Pasión De Tango Vol. 9 - AMP (CD-1242)

  • El hipo - Orquesta Juan D'Arienzo con Alberto Echagüe - 2:59 - 1951 - Tango

L'Orchestre Argentin Manuel Pizarro Vol. 2 - Ilusión - AMP (CD-1246)

  • Muñequita de París - Orquesta Manuel Pizarro - 2:44 - 1928 - Tango

Ignacio Corsini Vol. 5 - Mentira - AMP (CD-1274)

  • Yo no sé por qué te quiero - Ignacio Corsini acomp. Orquesta Francisco Canaro - 3:58 - 1934 - Tango

Realidad De Tango Vol. 10 - AMP (CD-1284R)


Cooperation of Tango.info and Tango-DJ.at

All CDs which can be ordered here at tango-dj.at of following catalogues are linked with the corresponding entries at tango.info.

You may also access certain CDs directly by adding the catalogue number to the URL. Some examples of the links you can use:

So in case you want to refer to a certain CD on my website within the given catalogues you are able to link directly to this CD now!


Newsletter November 2011

DJ-ing & dancing tango

  • DJ-ing schedule
  • Tanda discussion
  • Recommended international tango events

CD-reviews & news

  • 42 CDs of Osvaldo Fresedo
  • Sondor-News (Uruguay)
  • CTA-News (Japanese CD label)
  • AMP-News (Japanese CD label)
  • Old World Tangos Vol. 1-3
  • Beautiful non-tango "Beautiful tango" by Zahra Hindi



4 new AMP-CDs

With the help of Iain Fyfe covers and tracklistings of 4 new AMP CDs could be added. Please find details at the AMP-catalogue

Memorial Del Tango 26 - Libertad Lamarque - AMP (CD-1276M)

Mitología Del Tango Vol. 3 - AMP (CD-1278)

Alina De Silva - La Canción De Buenos Aires - AMP (CD-1282)

Azucena Maizani Vol. 3 - Hacelo Por La Vieja - AMP (CD-1286)



Tracklistings of 42 Osvaldo Fresedo CDs added

Finally the tracklistings of 42 Osvaldo Fresedo CDs are checked and online:



Lots of new album titles and another two AMP-CDs

Around 100 new album titles were added to the AMP-catalogue - sadly all of them being out of print.

And two more AMP-CDs arrived fresh from Japan - tracklistings can be found in the AMP-catalogue and a soundsample here:

  • "Mi cotorrito bohemio" by Orquesta Francisco Lomuto on CD Realidad De Tango Vol. 3 - AMP (CD-1247R) (first 60 seconds as 192kbps mp3)

Realidad del Tango Vol. 3 - AMP (CD-1247R)

Realidad del Tango Vol. 4 - AMP (CD-1248R)



Two new AMP-CD listings

With the help of Iain Fyfe two new AMP-CD cover & tracklistings could be added to the AMP-catalogue:

Osvaldo Fresedo II - Memorial Del Tango 17 - AMP (CD-1227M)

Miguel Caló - Lejos De Buenos Aires - AMP (CD-1250)


Finally the Spanish version of my Flyer "Los códigos de la milonga"

With this Spanish version this flyer is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Russian! You may reprint this flyer without modification, or use it on your website as long as you mention the origin and place a link to Tango-DJ.at.



Newsletter October 2011

DJ-ing & dancing tango

  • DJ-ing schedule
  • Tanda discussion
  • Recommended international tango events

CD-reviews & news

Between all the CDs there are plenty of soundsamples "hidden". So look out for the little play-buttons! (only on website)

  • Big batch of CDs compiled by discographies of orchestras
  • Sondor CDs finally arrived
  • CTA-News (Japanese CD label)
  • AMP-News (Japanese CD label)
  • Old World Tangos Vol. 1-3


  • New "CD-discographies" sorted by orchestras
  • New commenting functionality for online version of the newsletter
  • Almost 100 different countries visiting Tango-DJ.at



Finally the Sondor CDs arrived

Finally my order of Sondor CDs overcame all obsticales. 5 CDs of Miguel Villasboas and two compilations including the often asked for "El Tango de los 40 - inéditos de Sondor" containing the milonga "Mi vieja linda". Please find details in the upcoming newsletter for October, as well as on my page for Sondor CDs.

El Tango de los 40 - inéditos de Sondor (82002)

Mi vieja linda, Orquesta Emilio Pellejero con Enalmar De María, 1941, milonga

La Cumparsita - Miguel Villasboas

Tangos y Milongas - Miguel Villasboas

Grandes Éxitos - Miguel Villasboas

Me gusta bailar Milonga - Miguel Villasboas

Miguel Villasboas en Japón - Miguel Villasboas

La cumparsita, Miguel Villasboas y Wáshington Quintas Moreno, Tango

Tango ! (Compilation)

I also got three new CDs, a review of those might be in the upcoming newsletter.

  • Tangos para la historia 1944-1948 - Grandes Orquestas Típicas Uruguayas
  • Candombes - Tangos y Paso Dobles Uruguayos - Julio Arregui
  • El Tango, La Milonga - Pepe Guerra


2011-09-15 - 2011-09-27

New tracklistings

First batches of my new CD-delivery are getting online:

And tracklistings of the following 9 new AMP-CDs are online as well:

Pasión De Tango Vol. 8 - AMP (CD-1226)

Leyenda Tanguera De Europa Vol. 2 - AMP (CD-1229)

Trío Argentino Irusta-Fugazot-Demare y su Orquesta Típica Argentina - La cumparsita - AMP (CD-1230)

Realidad De Tango Vol. 1 - AMP (CD-1235R)

Realidad De Tango Vol. 2 - AMP (CD-1236R)

Mitología Del Tango Vol. 2 - AMP (CD-1254)

Orchestre Argentin Bianco-Bachicha Vol. 2 - Crepúsculo - AMP (CD-1258)

Orquesta Típica Victor III - Memorial Del Tango 24 - AMP (CD-1264M)

Orchestre Argentin Eduardo Bianco Vol. 2 - Un beso - AMP (CD-1270)


CTA-closed for October

CTA will be closed for October. I will place my next order for CTA CDs at the latest possible date which is end of this week for September and October! So if you plan to get yourself some CTA-CDs - order them NOW, or you have to wait till November - getting them in December!


Newsletter September 2011

  • DJ-ing: DJ-ing in Vienna again
  • DJ-ing: Tanda discussion
  • DJ-ing: Danubiando Tango Festival
  • Dancing: Recommended international tango events
  • CDs: CTA-News (Japanese CD label)
  • CDs: AMP-News (Japanese CD label)
  • CDs: The History of Tango - Victor Orchestras 2 - Recordings 1928 - 1935
  • Website: Soundsamples for CTA- and AMP-CDs
  • Website: Not working contact form

New feedback/commenting section on the newsletter-webpage! I am looking forward to receiving your comments!


4 A.M.P.-CDs added

Covers and tracklistings for 4 AMP CDs were added. Most of them contain recordings of Francisco Canaro including several rare gems! My personal "diamond" I was able to find here is "Campanas de bronce" by Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Ernesto Famá from 1933 on Francisco Canaro en la decada del '30 Vol. 10 - Alma De Bandoneón - AMP (CD-1257).

Soundsample of 60 seconds starting form 1:10min as 192kbps mp3:

For tracklistings please visit my AMP catalogue.

Francisco Canaro - Serie Romantica Vol. 18 - Ventanita De Arrabal - AMP (CD-1249)

Francisco Canaro en la decada del '30 Vol. 10 - Alma De Bandoneón - AMP (CD-1257)

Francisco Canaro II - Memorial Del Tango 23 - AMP (CD-1263M)

Realidad De Tango Vol. 9 - AMP (CD-1283R)



CDs: CTA - New releases

231 albums published, 115 available, 116 out of print, August 2011

Finally the CDs from June release arrived:

Edgardo Donato Vol. 4 (1934-1944) - (CTA-244) (in stock!)

Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 2 (1922-1925) - (CTA-282)

Ada Falcón Vol. 4 (1929-1938) - (CTA-824)

You can find the tracklistings at CTA releases June 2011.

On CD Edgardo Donato Vol. 4 (1934-1944) - (CTA-244) you will find some transfers in amazing quality. Basically all of them went straight to be my DJ-ing versions. You may listen to this soundsample of Pregonera (first 120 seconds converted to 192kbps mp3 from lossless CD quality):

On Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 2 (1922-1925) - (CTA-282) are very rare tracks you won't find anywhere else. The quality is surprisingly good given the recording dates.

Also lots of hard to find tracks are on Ada Falcón Vol. 4 (1929-1938) - (CTA-824) One of it will be THE surprising Milongaspecial in one of my upcoming DJ-gigs.


Not working contact form

I just found out by chance that my contact form might not have worked for the last 3 months due to a server security update. After sending your message using this contact form, you should see a confirmation message in green letters saying that your message was sent successfully.

So in case you tried to contact me by using this contact form and you did not get a reply, then I have not receive your message in the first place! I have to ask you to resend your message using this contact form (which is now working hopefully), or directly to my e-mail address given at the contact page as well!

I reply to any inquiry within one day at the latest!


CTA-CDs out of print

231 albums published, 115 out of print, 116 available, updated: August 2011

Sadly several CTA-CDs are not available any more:

  • CTA-117, Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 17
  • CTA-224, Francisco Lomuto Vol. 4
  • CTA-281, Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 1
  • CTA-308, CTA-309, CTA-310, CTA-325, Juan D'Arienzo Vol. 8,9,10,25
  • CTA-707, Francisco Canaro (1934)
  • CTA-718, Osvaldo Fresedo VIII (1927-1928


Newsletter August 2011

  • DJ-ing: DJ schedule August
  • DJ-ing: Tanda discussion
  • Dancing: Recommended international tango events
  • Dancing: Flyer "Los códigos en la milonga" in French
  • CDs: Harlequin CD catalogue (English CD label)
  • CDs: CTA-News (Japanese CD label)
  • CDs: AMP-News (Japanese CD label)
  • Website: Friends & partner webpage


Full Harlequin Tango CD catalogue - opening sales

The Harlequin catalogue is finishend. You may find all covers and tracklistings of in- and out-of-print tango CDs of the English label Harlequin.

For a limited period of time you may order all available CDs for a special promotion price of 15,- EUR instead of the regular price of 17,- EUR!


1st Newsletter published - July 2011

This newsletter will be published once a month at the most. It will feature latest news regarding:

  • New CD releases
  • Special offers
  • Recommended international tango events
  • DJ-ing schedule
  • New CD tracklistings and other information about tango music
  • Website-news


Full tango CD catalogue of label Harlequin

Full Harlequin catalogue of all tango related CDs being online and ready for you to be ordered.


Friends & partners page

A new webpage to say thank you to all the people helping me maintaining this website and supporting my tango activities.


Newsletter system update

If you tried to subscribe for our newsletter and it did not work, please try again! Newsletter system got updated and should work fine now. Newsletter will be sent once a month at most. You will receive latest information about new CD releases, special offers, DJ-ing programm and information about special tango workshops.


Update of original CTA versus bootleg copies discussion

Two webpages discussing possible CTA bootleg copies have been updated with new covers and soundsamples:


New CTA-Tracklistings for Adolfo Pérez (CTA-770), Manuel Pizarro (CTA-955), Julio Pollero (CTA-211), Julio De Caro (CTA-761) and Francisco Canaro added.

New Harlequin Tracklistings for OTV (HQCD-155, HQCD-90) added.


Tracklistings of 6 CDs - Edgardo Donato Sello Brunswick added.


Tracklistings of 10 CDs - Francisco Lomuto 1925-1931, Sello RCA Odeon added.


Tracklistings for 4 CTA-CDs added.


Tracklistings for AMP CD-1189 (Firpo), CD-1231 (Canaro) and CD-1243 (Fresedo) added.


New CTA releases & Full 200 CTA-CD catalog!

Club Tango Argentino will release 3 new CDs in end of June / beginning of July 2011.

CTA-244: Edgardo Donato (Vol. 4) / 1934-1944
CTA-282: Osvaldo Fresedo (Vol. 2) / 1922-1925
CTA-824: Ada Falcón (Vol. 4) / 1929-1938


Updated versions of the flyer "Los códigos en la milonga"

There are new versions of the flyer "Los códigos en la milonga" in German and English.

codigo flyer deutsch



New CTA releases

Club Tango Argentino released 3 new CDs in April 2011. Take a look at the tracklistings.

Ángel D'Agostino Vol. 4 (1944) - (CTA-354)
Roberto Firpo IV (1927) - (CTA-746)
Las Joyas Del Tango Vol. 2 (1929-1942) - (CTA-1012)


New webpage for Club de Tango

Tracklistings for ~100 CDs from Club de Tango founded by Oscar Himschoot has gone online.


Extensive workshop week with Roxana Suárez and Sebastián Achával

After their last visit in Vienna performing at the Tangoball and giving great workshops in November 2010 Roxana Suárez and Sebastián Achával will be back in Vienna from 1st till 6th of April for giving nearly a week of extensive Workshops! There will be workshops for all levels!



A complete set of the Japanese CD Audio Park collection Juan D'Arienzo Época de oro on sale!

Yes, there is a complete set of the Japanese CD collection Juan D'Arienzo Época de oro of the Japanese label Audio Park in stock and can be shipped to you within 24 hours. This collection consists of 11 CDs and features 260 of the most important tracks of the orchester Juan D'Arienzo in the years between 1935 till 1961 in outstanding quality. For more information about this collection visit Juan D'Arienzo - Época de oro - Audio Park (Yasuhiko Fukukawa - Japan). For price and shipping information please get in contact with me.


Tracklistings for many labels of my tango collection republished!

The existing tracklistings were updated. New tracklistings for BATC (Serie Orquestas, Coleccionstas, Para Baile, Olvidadas, Jazz, DIEGON, Ediciónes propias, Sello Varios), Harlequin, Archivo TK, Sondor, Various labels added.


To be, or not to be a CTA-CD, that's the question!

On the "To be, or not to be a CTA-CD - That's the question!" page we discuss the differences between the original CTA-CDs published on CTA by Akihito Baba and their lookalike CDs.


Three new webpages listing all available original CDs by the three Japanese labels Club Tango Argentino, A.M.P and Audio Park




Ordering original Club Tango Argentino CDs published by Akihito Baba

Yes it is possible to buy original CDs form the Japanese label Club Tango Argentino published by Akihito Baba. Here is a list of CDs I can get for you. Sadly they come really expensive and depending on the exchange rate they can be even more expensive. And if you wonder how original CTA-CDs look like - this is what you get:

Currently there are 127 albums available. Take a look at my CTA-CD-Catalog.


Tango etiquette - "códigos en la milonga" as webpage, flyer and interactive trainer added, as well as a webpage for "cabeceo" - best practice for inviting

dancefloor illustration


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