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Catalog of Club Tango Argentino (CTA) - Akihito Baba-san

Having completed CTA-CD collection, we are glad to be able to provide following information to you. As far as we are aware this is the most extensive information you will be able to find on the internet for CTA-CDs of Akihito Baba-san. You find the completed catalog of 276 CDs published by CTA as of September 2015.

There are new releases being published regularly. These CDs are produced in very limited numbers and go out of print very fast. Interesting releases might be available for half a year only!

In case you ask yourself what is so special about CTA-CDs, well listen to the soundsample of "Lunes" by Juan D'Arienzo which to me shows the typical sound characteristics of transfers for CTA-CDs by Mr. Akihito Baba:

  • "Lunes" by Orquesta Juan D'Arienzo on CTA-305: Juan D'Arienzo Vol. 05 (1938-1939)

You do hear the noises of the 78rpm record, but you will discover the amazing natural sound and color of instruments you hardly find on any other CDs.

Listen also to this soundsample of "Siete palabras" by Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli recorded for Music Hall 1952. You won't find compareable quality on any other CD:

  • "Siete palabras" by Carlos Di Sarli, 1952 on CTA-517

Or to the voice of Alberto Morán in this soundsample and compare it with the recording you might have got. You will notice a completely different level of natural sound most likely.

  • "Maleza" by Osvaldo Pugliese con Alberto Morán, 1945 on CTA-522

Or the quality of this very rare Donato recording:

  • "Pura chispa" by Edgardo Donato con Félix Gutiérrez, 1936 on CTA-244

Or this very old Roberto Firpo recording of 1927:

  • "Oro muerto" by Roberto Firpo, 1927 on CTA-746

More soundamples can be seen and heard as Audio Video presentations or at our shop.

All available CTA-CDs are being kept in stock for you. We constantly try to find rare out-of-print CTA-CDs in Japanese 2nd hand shops and offer them to our TANGO-DJ.AT MEMBERS first.

You can find the tracklistings of the complete CTA collection (CDs and LPs) in our database. For our members including sound samples and full cover art scans.