Tango-DJ.at Tango Argentino
International Milongas Vienna 2018

DJ Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Kiev, Ukraine)
I don't believe it's possible not to play at least one tanda of Troilo in 3 hours. I love to watch people dancing to my favorite music and saying 'thank you for the music' with eye-contact afterwards, and I suffer from the usual Tango-DJ mental disorder of separating non-tango music into just two categories: suitable for cortinas, and everything else ??
I enjoy being a tango DJ so much that I started to organize a special festival Tango Remolino where DJs are the main and only stars. So now I am looking for them everywhere in the world.
After my long experience as a Tango DJ, I pretty much know what tango to play at what moment, simply based on the smiles and reactions from the dancers. I use all the well known tangos from the Edad de Oro to fill the dance floor with energy and passion
DJ Fabiola Loik (Trieste, Italy)



Louis Braille Saal


Louis Braille Saal
Hägelingasse 4-6
1140 Vienna

Subway: U3 Hütteldorferstraße

Location offers 300m2 perfect wooden dance floor, air condition and our TANGO-DJ.AT sound system!

How to get there from U3 Hütteldoferstraße:


You can make a free reservation for a table (4-5 persons). Please make your reservation stating name, phone number, date of milonga and table number until Friday 24:00h at the latest. Table 1 is reserved for TANGO-DJ.AT team.



Regular: 15,- EUR

Reduced: 10,- EUR (students <27y)

Free entrance for TANGO-DJ.AT full members.


Organization & contact

Association for the preservation and provision of Argentine tango



Niki & Sandra, Gottfried, Sylwia, Bernhard

We are looking forward to seeing you!