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La Asociación De La Musica Porteña (A.M.P.)
Yoshihiro Oiwa - Japan

A.M.P. is a Japanese label. The producer of the CDs is Yoshihiro Oiwa-san who passed away in the end of 2009. The collection is now taken care of by his wife Chizuko Oiwa-san and the two sons Yukio and Isao Oiwa-san. On these CDs you can find lot's of very rare and hard to find stuff. 80 LPs and 211 CDs were published. We are very proud to be able to provide you with the information of this completed collection of AMP CDs!

You can listen to some soundsamples here:

  • "Campanas de bronce" by Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Ernesto Famá from 1933 on CD Francisco Canaro en la decada del '30 Vol. 10 - Alma De Bandoneón - AMP (CD-1257) (60 seconds starting form 1:10min as 192kbps mp3)
  • "Cheri !!" by Orquesta A.J. Pesenti de Coliséum de Paris con Rosette Guy on CD Tahiti - A.J. Pesenti et son orchestre de tango - AMP (CD-1281) (first 60 seconds as 192kbps mp3)
  • "Mi cotorrito bohemio" by Orquesta Francisco Lomuto on CD Realidad De Tango Vol. 3 - AMP (CD-1247R) (first 60 seconds as 192kbps mp3)

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You can find the tracklistings of the complete AMP collection (CDs and LPs) in our database. For our members including sound samples and full cover art scans.