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A huge problem I had was finding reliable essential information about track year, singer etc. One DJ told me to check out your site, he said it was brilliant.

I was blown away by your site. Not just the quality of the data but the crazy amount of work that must have gone into it. Your site is so obviously a work of total dedication and passion.

I have learnt so much from using it and discovered so many tracks I have never heard played locally. I have then been able to buy beautiful quality recordings from you. something I also appreciate enourmously.

In short, it would be no overstatement to say that you have performed a immeasurable service to the whole tango community.

Very best wishes,


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We are maintaining the largest digital accessible tango music archive in the world!

Benefit from comparing ~90.000 tango recordings and almost complete meta data to find new or the best versions of the tangos you are looking for. A must-have tool for any serious Tango-DJ, tango collector or researcher.

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You may want to watch our tutorial videos. They will give you an insight in all the available features of the database, as well as background information of the meta data.


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