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Newsletter July 2011 issues

  • DJ-ing: DJ schedule July (Aktuell: Bar Azul kommenden Dienstag!)
  • Dancing: Recommended international tango events
  • CDs: Full catalogue of all tango related CDs of label Harlequin available
  • CDs: CTA-News: New releases, out of print CDs, new covers, tracklistings and booteg discussion
  • CDs: New tracklistings of various rare collections (Donato, Lomuto,..)
  • Website: New photogallery migrated from gallery.gehberger.at to tango-dj.at
  • Website: New version of "Tango Etikette - Los códigos en la milonga"
  • Website: Friends & partner page

DJ schedule July

Kommenden Dienstag vertrete ich Kenan bei seiner Dienstags Afterwork-Milonga in der Bar Azul. Musik wird zu rund 80% das Beste vom traditionellen Tango sein (5* Stücke für die mp3-tagger) und hie und da kleine Ausflüge machen. Ich würde mich freuen viele von euch dort zu sehen, damit zumindest diese kleine Bar mal so richtig schön voll ist!

Tue., 12.7.2011 Vienna / Austria DJ-ing: Bar Azul
Sun., 17.7.2011 Paris / France DJ-ing: Sacre Milonga
Fri., 22.7.2011 Vienna / Austria DJ-ing: Milonga Galeria Ideal

Dancing: Recommended international tango events

An upcoming huge tango festival near by Vienna will be

It takes place 21st to 28th of August featureing some of the most famous maestros, workshops for best value for money and my humbe self DJ-ing the Saturday evening on 27th.

I do not know the following event, but it is near by Vienna being organized as a tangomarathon by a young group of Hungarian dancers inviting very good DJs from all over Europe! So you might consider to take a dance as well at:

Little known is a lovely relaxed non-typical "tangomarathon" taking place each year at the second weekend of December in Cologne to celebrate the birthday of the tango place itself - highly recommended!

If you have got free time you may arrive already on Thursday to dance at the regular Tango Colón milonga.

There are several cool tangomarathons in September. But actually it's too late to recommend them since as far as I know they are fully booked already. This would have been:

  • Tangomarathon Hamburg TMH-2011
  • 2nd International Marathon Of Geneva's Region
  • Basel Tango Marathon

CDs: Full catalogue of all tango related CDs of label Harlequin available

I am glad to announce that all 26 tango related CDs published by the label Harlequin are available on my website at Harlequin-catalogue. Harlequin publishes lot's of rare and otherwise hard to get stuff. Some recordings on these CDs can not be found in better quality anywhere else - especially some of the Orquesta Típica Victor tracks. In addition the CDs feature a booklet giving extensive information in English.

HQCD 45 Instrumental Tangos Of The Golden Age
HQCD 47 Orquesta Típica Select
HQCD 52 Se Va La Vida Tango Ladies 1923-1954
HQCD 61 Buenos Aires To Berlin Argentine Tango Bands In Germany 1927-1939
HQCD 66 Bianco-Bachicha: Tangos In Paris 1926-1941
HQCD 70 Instrumental Tangos Of The 'Old Guard' 1913-1930
HQCD 71 Juan D'Arienzo 1937-1944
HQCD 88 Buenos Aires To Madrid 1927-1941 Argentine Tango Bands In Spain
HQCD 90 Orquesta Típica Victor 1926-1931
HQCD 91 Classic Bands Of Tango's Golden Age
HQCD 114 Before The Tango - Argentina's Folk Tradition
HQCD 115 Xavier Cugat: Loves To Tango
HQCD 117 Francisco Canaro 1924-1940
HQCD 121 Various Artists: Buenos Aires To Europe
HQCD 127 Various Artists: German Tango Bands 1925-1939
HQCD 138 Roberto Firpo 1920-1944
HQCD 143 Julio De Caro 1926-1932
HQCD 145 Carlos Gardel The Magic Of Carlos Gardel
HQCD 153 Alfredo De Angelis
HQCD 155 Orquesta Típica Victor
HQCD 157 Juan D'Arienzo The Rhythm Of Juan D'Arienzo
HQCD 159 Osvaldo Pugliese
HQCD 168 Ignacio Corsini: The Prince Of Song 1922-1940
HQCD 169 Francisco Canaro - Adiós Muchachos 1926-1928
HQCD 171 German Tango Orchestras 1926-1942
HQCD 172 Miguel Caló

CDs: CTA-News: New releases, CDs out of print, new covers and tracklistings

There is lot's of news from the Japanese tangoclub Club Tango Argentino:
(If you don't know what that is, you might take a look at the CTA-FAQ-page)

There are/were 3 new CD releases for June:

CTA-244: Edgardo Donato (Vol. 4) / 1934-1944
CTA-282: Osvaldo Fresedo (Vol. 2) / 1922-1925
CTA-824: Ada Falcón (Vol. 4) / 1929-1938

They will become available finally end of July. If you are interested in one of those make up your mind quickly, since interesting CDs go out of print within some months at CTA. Speaking of which - CDs being out of print: Sadly one of my favorite CTA-CDs CTA-520 Carlos Di Sarli went out of print after not even half a year. Together with CTA-114, CTA-301 and CTA-324.

Then there is an update of the discussion of original CTA CDs as well as of bootleg and CTA-wanna-be-lookalike CDs. This includes new covers of both - original and various bootleg copies as well as sound samples. This is work in progress and more samples will follow.

Finally several new tracklistings could be added to the CTA-catalogue. This includes CDs of

Adolfo Pérez (CTA-770)
Manuel Pizarro (CTA-955)
Julio Pollero (CTA-211)
Julio De Caro (CTA-761)
Francisco Canaro (severals)

CDs: New tracklistings of various rare collections

A new webpage vor various collections features tracklistings of various collections. These are listings for CDs not being published commercially, but coming from private collectors or tango clubs. On these CDs you might find recordings not being available anywhere else.

Website: New version of "Tango Etikette - Los códigos en la milonga"

There is a new revised version of the "Tango Etikette - Los códigos en la milonga"-flyer in German and English. You may also take a look at the suggested "rules" on these webpages here in German or English. If you do not want to click - you can also start reading:

Some milonga rules to help everyone have a good time dancing:

  • The most elegant way to invite somebody for dancing in tango is to use "Mirada" (eye-contact) and
    "Cabeceo" (a nod) in order to ask each other to dance.
  • The dance floor is divided in tracks. You dance along these lines counterclockwise.
  • Whenever possible start to dance at a corner of the dance floor. Try to get eye-contact with the approaching dancer to let him know that you would like to get into his line of dance.
  • Try to keep a comfortable distance from the dancer in front of you. If there is lot of space between you try to catch up in order not to block following dancers.
  • If you need to overtake somebody in front of you, do it on the left-hand side only.
  • If there is a collision between dancers try to apologise to each other.
  • Try to avoid entering the dance floor in the middle of a line and next to another dancer.
  • The space behind you belongs to the dancer behind you. Therefore avoid stepping backwards!
  • Try not to block dancers behind you if there is enough space in front of you!
  • Do not move around the dance floor from one free spot to the next one (known as "shark navigation" or zigzag).This makes life difficult for all the others.
  • Do not dance in between dance lines and do not change dance lines all the time!
  • Try not to get too close to dancers in front of you!
  • Do not overtake on the right-hand side!
  • When you are not dancing walk on the side of the dance floor only! Please do not cross the dancefloor and avoid collisions with the dancers.
  • On a crowded dance floor: Keep your feet on the ground! No high ganchos, boleos...
  • Try to show respect and sympathy to all dancers regardless of dancing style or level of dance.

Website: Friends & partner page

A new "Friends & partner"- webpage says "thank you" to all the people helping me with sending feedback, information, carrying CDs, maintaining interesting tango related websites, translating, advertising, discussing tango issues, booking me as a DJ, and supporting my work in general enabeling me to run tango-dj.at. Speaking of which - in case you know somebody who might be interested in any of what tango-dj.at has to offer, please forward this newsletter or send him the website link.