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June 2012

by Bernhard Gehberger

11 June 2012

Dear tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from Vienna with a new edition of the monthly newsletter Tango-DJ.at about DJ-ing, special tango CDs, tango dancing and much more. If the newsletter is not displayed correctly you might consider reading the online version. Enjoy!


DJ-ing & dancing tango

CD-reviews & news


This month's newsletter is mainly about A.M.P., the label of Yoshihiro Oiwa. Only few of this very special and rare CDs are left in stock in Japan. I tried hard to get as many as possible to make the last available AMP originals available to you. If you are interested in those do not wait any longer, because they will be gone very soon! Find the special newsletter promotion code for those great AMP CDs below!

CTA on the other hand just released three new very exciting CDs which I am going to stock in larger numbers. If you are interested in any CTA-CD not being in stock - this would be a good moment to order. Details can be found below.

Rare and unknown recordings published under both labels will be presented as Audio-/Video presentations and on the Tango-DJ.at Youtube channel each month. First edition featured the vals "Recordando tus promesas" by Juan Maglio "Pacho" 1927, this months edition is "Mi cotorrito bohemio" by Francisco Lomuto, 1929 published under the label A.M.P..

Previous newsletters can be found in the newsletter archive.

Thank you very much for your attention, I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. I'd very much appreciate your feedback and comments on the content presented. In case you know somebody who might be interested in this newsletter please recommend it or place a link to Tango-DJ.at.

best wishes from Vienna,



DJ-ing & dancing tango

DJ-ing schedule & Tango-DJ Tuesday's Class & Práctica

Tango-DJ.at Tuesday's Class & Práctica:
Every Tuesday
12 June till 28 August
Geibelgasse 14-16
Vienna / Austria
Teaching: 19:30-20:45: Class & Workshop
by Bernhard & Birgit
Every Tuesday
12 June till 28 August
Geibelgasse 14-16
Vienna / Austria
Teaching: 21:00-23:00: Práctica
guided by Bernhard, Birgit & Michael
Details on: www.Tango-DJ.at/workshops
1 - 7 June Pradamano / Italy Travelling: La Experiencia Milonguera / Italy
29 June - 2 July Brussels / Belgium DJ-ing: Tangomarathon "La cita de los amigos"

Recommended upcoming international tango events

Some international tango events I am DJ-ing, recommending or travelling to:


CD-reviews & news

Audio/Video presentations

Every month there will be a new Audio-/Video-Presentation of a rare tango recording being published on Tango-DJ.at videos and the Tango-DJ.at Youtube Channel. The first edition was "Recordando tus promesas" by Orquesta Juan Maglio "Pacho" and can be seen here:


This months Video features "Mi cotorrito bohemio" by Francisco Lomuto, 1929:


So watch out for more releases of those rare recordings. You may want to subscribe to my Youtube-channel in order to get notified for future releases.

Club Tango Argentino (CTA)

The three new CTA releases

Orquesta Típica Victor / Vol. 18 (1936-1937) - (CTA-118)

Julio De Caro / Vol. 6 (1924-1926) - (CTA-126)

Francisco Canaro / Vol. 17 (1928) - (CTA-777)

got available in Japan in the beginning of this month. I am about to place another large order of CTA-CDs including plenty of those new releases. There will be a special sale of these new releases in one of my next newsletters!

If you are interested in any CTA-CDs not being in stock (CTA-packages and CTA-CDs being in stock) this would be a good moment to place your custom order. You find all available CTA-CDs on the CTA-catalog page. Please place your order before 15th of June!



This month's newsletter is mainly about A.M.P. the label of Yoshihiro Oiwa. Sadly Oiwa-san passed away in the year 2009. He published transfers of his 78 RPMs first on LP-records and later on CDs. Almost 300 CDs were published, most of them being out of print for some time already. Lots of music you may find on compilations and CDs of various tango clubs, DJs and collectors in Buenos Aires is based on his collection and transfers.

As far as I was able to retrieve information about the future of his collection it seems like his son is not interested in continuing the tango music work of his father. So no new releases or reprinting of the existing CDs can be expected. It is said that the collection should be taken care of by some kind of small exclusive tango club which yet has to be established.

It was already difficult to get hold of AMP CDs during recent years. But nowadays it becomes even more difficult. Only a few last copies being in stock are left and I do not expect any more after those have been sold. Therefore I worked hard to finance a huge order and tried to get as many as possible. I managed to stock almost 200 AMP CDs being listed below and on my webpage AMP CDs in stock.

Special newsletter promotion:

A special newsletter promotion price of 50,- EUR per CD is valid for all orders of AMP CDs in stock being placed till end of June 2012 when referring to this newsletter by mentioning the promotion code "That's my AMP-CD". (while stocks last, price and availability is subject to change)

If you have any interest in those extremely special and rare CDs take this chance to get your AMP originals now before the last ones are gone. So here is the list of the AMP CDs being in stock:

Memorial Del Tango Vol. 16 - Ricardo Tanturi - AMP (CD-1216M)

AMP CD-1216M cover1 AMP CD-1216M cover3

Luis Petrucelli Vol. 2 - AMP (CD-1221)

AMP CD-1221 cover1 AMP CD-1221 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 17 - Osvaldo Fresedo II - AMP (CD-1227M)

AMP CD-1227M cover1 AMP CD-1227M cover3

Memorial Del Tango - Orquesta Típica Victor II (1925-1927) - AMP (CD-1228M)

AMP CD-1228M cover1 AMP CD-1228M cover3

Leyenda Tanguera De Europa Vol. 2 - AMP (CD-1229)

AMP CD-1229 cover1AMP CD-1229 cover3

Trío Argentino Irusta-Fugazot-Demare y su Orquesta Típica Argentina - La cumparsita - AMP (CD-1230)

AMP CD-1230 cover1 AMP CD-1230 cover3

Francisco Canaro en la decada del 30 Vol. 9 - AMP (CD-1231)

AMP CD-1231 cover1 AMP CD-1231 cover3

Ángel D'Agostino y su orquesta típica Vol. 2 - El Porteñito - AMP (CD-1232)

AMP CD-1232 cover1 AMP CD-1232 cover3

Edgardo Donato Vol. 5 - Chiqué - AMP (CD-1233)

AMP CD-1233 cover1 AMP CD-1233 cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 1 - AMP (CD-1235R)

AMP CD-1235R cover1 AMP CD-1235R cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 2 - AMP (CD-1236R)

AMP CD-1236R cover1 AMP CD-1236R cover3

Francisco Lomuto Vol. 10 - Mamita - AMP (CD-1237)

AMP CD-1237 cover1 AMP CD-1237 cover3

Alfredo De Angelis - Pregonera - AMP (CD-1238)

AMP CD-1238 cover1 AMP CD-1238 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 19 - Roberto Firpo II - AMP (CD-1239M)

AMP CD-1239M cover1 AMP CD-1239M cover3

Memorial Del Tango 20 - Agesilao Ferrazzano - AMP (CD-1240M)

AMP CD-1240M cover1 AMP CD-1240M cover3

Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 20 - AMP (CD-1241)

AMP CD-1241 cover1 AMP CD-1241 cover3

Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 8 - Perdon Viejita - AMP (CD-1243)

AMP CD-1243 cover1 AMP CD-1243 cover3

Lucio Demare - Malena - AMP (CD-1244)

AMP CD-1244 cover1 AMP CD-1244 cover3

Julio De Caro Vol. 9 - Moulin Rouge - AMP (CD-1245)

AMP CD-1245 cover1 AMP CD-1245 cover3

L'Orchestre Argentin Manuel Pizarro Vol. 2 - Ilusión - AMP (CD-1246)

AMP CD-1246 cover1 AMP CD-1246 cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 3 - AMP (CD-1247R)

AMP CD-1247R cover1 AMP CD-1247R cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 4 - AMP (CD-1248R)

AMP CD-1248R cover1 AMP CD-1248R cover3

Serie Romantica Vol. 18 - Francisco Canaro - Ventanita De Arrabal - AMP (CD-1249)

AMP CD-1249 cover1AMP CD-1249 cover3

Miguel Caló - Lejos De Buenos Aires - AMP (CD-1250)

AMP CD-1250 cover1 AMP CD-1250 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 21 - Juan Maglio "Pacho" II - AMP (CD-1251M)

AMP CD-1251M cover1 AMP CD-1251M cover3

Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 21 - AMP (CD-1253)

AMP CD-1253 cover1 AMP CD-1253 cover3

Roberto Firpo Vol. 10 - El amanecer - AMP (CD-1255)

AMP CD-1255 cover1 AMP CD-1255 cover3

Carlos Di Sarli Vol. 3 - Milonguero viejo - AMP (CD-1256)

AMP CD-1256 cover1AMP CD-1256 cover3

Francisco Canaro en la decada del '30 Vol. 10 - Alma De Bandoneón - AMP (CD-1257)


AMP CD-1257 cover1 AMP CD-1257 cover3

Orchestre Argentin Bianco-Bachicha Vol. 2 - Crepúsculo - AMP (CD-1258)

AMP CD-1258 cover1 AMP CD-1258 cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 5 - AMP (CD-1259R)

AMP CD-1259R cover1 AMP CD-1259R cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 6 - AMP (CD-1260R)

AMP CD-1260R cover1 AMP CD-1260R cover3

Francisco Lomuto Vol. 11 - Recuerdo - AMP (CD-1261)

AMP CD-1261 cover1 AMP CD-1261 cover3

Orquesta Típica Pedro Maffia Vol. 4 - Inspiración - AMP (CD-1262)

AMP CD-1262 cover1 AMP CD-1262 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 23 - Francisco Canaro II - AMP (CD-1263M)

AMP CD-1263M cover1 AMP CD-1263M cover3

Memorial Del Tango 24 - Orquesta Típica Victor III - AMP (CD-1264M)


AMP CD-1264M cover1 AMP CD-1264M cover3

Orquesta Típica Argentina Rafael Canaro Vol. 2 - Envidia - AMP (CD-1267)

AMP CD-1267 cover1AMP CD-1267 cover3

Imperio Argentina - Poema - AMP (CD-1268)

AMP CD-1268 cover1 AMP CD-1268 cover3

Julio De Caro Vol. 10 - Boedo - AMP (CD-1269)


AMP CD-1269 cover1 AMP CD-1269 cover3

Orchestre Argentin Eduardo Bianco Vol. 2 - Un Beso - AMP (CD-1270)

AMP CD-1270 cover1 AMP CD-1270 cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 7 - AMP (CD-1271R)

AMP CD-1271R cover1 AMP CD-1271R cover3

Serie Romantica Vol. 19 - Francisco Canaro - Esta noche me emborracho - AMP (CD-1273)

AMP CD-1273 cover1 AMP CD-1273 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 25 - Francisco Lomuto II - AMP (CD-1275M)

AMP CD-1275M cover1 AMP CD-1275M cover3

Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 24 - AMP (CD-1277)

AMP CD-1277 cover1 AMP CD-1277 cover3

Roberto Firpo Vol. 11 - Rie...Payaso - AMP (CD-1279)

AMP CD-1279 cover1 AMP CD-1279 cover3

Edgardo Donato Vol. 6 - Se va la vida - AMP (CD-1280)

AMP CD-1280 cover1 AMP CD-1280 cover3

Tahiti - A.J. Pesenti et son orchestre de tango - AMP (CD-1281)

AMP CD-1281 cover1 AMP CD-1281 cover3

A complete set of the Japanese CD Audio Park collection Juan D'Arienzo Época de oro!

Yes, there is a complete set of the Japanese CD collection Juan D'Arienzo Época de oro of the Japanese label Audio Park in stock and can be shipped to you within 24 hours. This collection consists of 11 CDs and features 260 of the most important tracks of the orchester Juan D'Arienzo in the years between 1935 till 1961 in outstanding quality. For more information about this collection visit Juan D'Arienzo - Época de oro - Audio Park (Yasuhiko Fukukawa - Japan). This set is sold as set only, but you can order single CDs as well. (delivery time 4-6 weeks)

450,- EUR

Realidad De Tango Vol. 9 - AMP (CD-1283R)

AMP CD-1283R cover1 AMP CD-1283R cover3

Realidad De Tango Vol. 10 - AMP (CD-1284R)

AMP CD-1284R cover1 AMP CD-1284R cover3

Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 9 - Bandoneón amigo - AMP (CD-1285)

AMP CD-1285 cover1 AMP CD-1285 cover3