Tangomarathon: Austrian Alpine Abrazo

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming ALPINE ABRAZO 2015 & welcome at the registration desk!

Registration process for Alpine Abrazo 2015:

In order to be able to organize catering, accommodation, special deals and gender balance, we need to ask you for registration. Please be patient with us. It will take us some time to process the registration requests. But we eventually will come back to you - promised!


Terms of registration which you agree to accept by filling in and submitting the form above:


If you are not a convinced ALPINE ABRAZO participant yet, you may take a look at our last year's pictures in color and black/white taken by Chauveau Photography or the albums in our ALPINE ABRAZO Facebook Group.

If you like tango, nature and mountains, this is the event to be! Please re-visit this website to a later point as we are going to publish extensive information about the program of ALPINE ABRAZO 2015!

We are looking forward to see old and new friends again this year!


ALPINE ABRAZO is a weekend where dancers from all over Europe enjoy dancing with each other at a very special place to an exquisit selection of music provided by international renown DJs. Our utmost concern is to provide a friendly environment for everybody to fully enjoy this weekend.

If you love tango, mountains and nature, this is the place to go! You will have the opportunity to dance tango in one of the most special places there is! You may consider to spend some more days before or after the tango weekend in order to discover the amazing nature surrounding you! Please note that Mallnitz is located in the mountains (1200m), so please bring warm clothes with you! Weather can be great for hiking, but it can also be very cold. In case you want to hike please bring proper hiking equipment (boots, jacket,..) with you!



Organization & contact

Association for the preservation and provision of Argentine tango