Dear Tango-Aficionados, collectors, DJs, hitchhikers,

Welcome to the shop at the end of the Tango Universe!
Or probably the most special place for Tango music worldwide!

We are specialized in hard to find Tango CDs, Tango lables and Tango recordings. Plenty of which you won’t find anywhere else.

You may check out our TANGO-DJ.AT/SHOP for those special CDs we keep in stock for you. Those come from the private collection of Bernhard Gehberger. Unless stated differently they are in mint condition.

If this is not enough for you, you may consider becoming a TANGO-DJ.AT MEMBER. We offer additional services and plenty of special Tango releases and transfers of private collectors to our small and exclusive group of members only. In order to become a member please subscribe to one of our TANGO-DJ.AT memberships

Please also note that almost everything can be pre-listened by using our TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE!

Enjoy your tango music,

Association for the preservation and provision of Argentine tango