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Special Newsletter January/February 2013

by Bernhard Gehberger

07 February 2013

Dear Tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from Tango-DJ.at, Association for preservation and provision of argentine Tango music and dance with a special January/February-edition of the monthly newsletter Tango-DJ.at about DJ-ing, special Tango CDs, Tango dancing and much more.

This time it's rather a small book, so you migh consider it for weekend reading.. Enjoy!


Founding of Tango-DJ.at
Association for preservation and provision of argentine Tango music and dance

New high performance server for Tango-DJ.at

Tango-DJ.at database - ~45.000 traditional Tango recordings

Tango-CDs.com = Tango-DJ.at/shop - webshop for special and rare Tango CDs

Tango-DJ.at & TangoTunes -
Vienna working on worldwide reputation of becoming a city of Tango music

Discography of Miguel Villasboas

DJ-ing & dancing Tango

CD-reviews & news

Links of the month



This newsletter is the largest and most important one in the history of Tango-DJ.at monthly newsletters. Therefore this edition is a special 2 months January/February edition.

This newsletter got so massive and covers so many big and important topics that we do not want to write an additional introduction for each topic. Please simply browse the headlines and pick your favorite/s:

Thank you very much for your attention, we hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. We'd very much appreciate your feedback and comments on the content presented. In case you know somebody who might be interested in this newsletter please recommend it or place a link to Tango-DJ.at.

best wishes from Vienna,


Association for preservation and provision of argentine Tango music and dance


Association for preservation and provision
of argentine Tango music and dance

With my activities getting more and more international and the projects getting larger and larger I decided to found Tango-DJ.at, a non profit association for preservation and provision of argentine Tango music and dance, organizing Tango events, maintaining the growing website Tango-DJ.at and starting new and challenging Tango projects.

On one hand maintaining the website Tango-DJ.at offering service, information, projects, and events is getting more than a full time job for one person. On the other hand we like to keep the information provided accessible to everybody for free. Obviously achieving both is almost impossible. For this we founded Tango-DJ.at as a non profit association for preservation and provision of argentine Tango music and dance. Our main activities and projects which are going to be funded by sales of Tango-DJ.at shop, membership fees and donations are:

  • Tango-DJ.at Website
  • Tango-CDs.com - Tango-DJ.at Webshop
  • Extensive monthly newsletter with general information about Tango music and dancing
  • Maintaining the most complete information about Japanese collections (AMP, CTA, Audio Park)
  • Tango database based on the Tango-DJ.at music archive with extensive search function
  • Organisation of regular Tango workshops, Milongas and Practicas (Tuesday's Práctica)
  • Organisation of international Tango events (Austrian Alpine Abrazo)
  • Studio with Workstation for transferring Tango LPs and SPs
  • Publishing of new transfers and in licence

In addition to many different services and offerings by Tango-DJ.at of which you can read in this newsletter, Tango-DJ.at is starting a new challenging project. We are about to build up a professional workstation in order to produce state of the art transfers from Tango LPs and SPs (78 RPM records). The concept plans to respect highest archiving standards for producing the transfers, but making them available to the Tango community by publishing the transfers on CD or as digital product. There is a similar project in Buenos Aires (Tangovia), but there are lots of Tango records also here in Europe and our focus is not only to archive Tangos, but making them available to the Tango community.

For that we are consulting professionals of the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Science. We made test transfers using professional equipment comparable to that one listed below. We will offer such high quality transfers in the near future. The video below is demonstrating a three stages transfer:

  • 1. linear, stereo
  • 2. optimized mono mix and applied turnover and roll off frequency correction
  • 3. declicked



(The video is not working in the e-mail, please visit the online version of the newsletter, or the YouTube link)

At the moment Tango-DJ.at is evaluating suitable equipment and raising funds for setting up this workstation dedicated to transfer Tango records.

Record washing machine VPI HW-17 1500 EUR excluded
VPI HW-27 2300 EUR excluded
Clearaudio Smart Matrix prof 1000 EUR excluded
Oki Noki 600 EUR excluded
Loricraft PRC 4 Ex-Dem. 2000 EUR ordered
Turntable Laser Turntable LT-1000 13000 EUR excluded
Technics SL-1200 modified 2000-3000 EUR to be considered
Technics SP-10 MK II 3300 EUR to be considered
Phono Pre-Amp Vadlyd MD12 MK 3 2000 EUR to be ordered
Stylus + Cartridges Expert Stylus Company   to be ordered
AD converter Lake People ADDAC 446 2100 EUR to be considered
RME Fireface UCX 1000 EUR to be considered


And the first piece of equipment - the Loricraft PRC 4 professional record cleaner just arrived in time to make it into this newsletter:

Tango-DJ.at Database

Transfers will be made in linear, stereo 24bit/192kHz recording, meeting the requirements of archiving, as well as optimized mono mix with suitable turnover and roll off frequency correction. Different qualities for remastering and playback purposes will be made available to the Tango community together with complete documentation of transfer process, meta data and cover pictures.

If you like our work, the information provided on Tango-DJ.at and our goal to make unknown Tangos stored on collectors LPs and SPs available to the Tango community please support us by buying original CDs from Tango-CDs.com, getting member of Tango-DJ.at or making a donation.

Details about possible membership and benefits included will be published in the next newsletter. A donation via PayPal to office@tango-dj.at is possible with most credit cards, with or without a PayPal account and can be deducted from your income tax.


New high performance server for Tango-DJ.at

We are using the same web server configuration and contract (not taking into consideration small add-ons for memory) for exactly 10 years now. Considering the development of computer systems this seems like a miracle that our server did its job for ten years now.

But changing to a modern CMS system to be able to present CDs in the best possible way and providing downloads is pushing our old, reliable web server above its capabilities. So Tango-DJ.at is moving onto a brand new and high performance web server in order to provide the power needed to smoothly run the new services of Tango-DJ.at like the Tango Database and Tango-DJ.at/shop system.

If everything works fine you do not notice these technical details in the background, but rest assure that it takes a pile of money each month to be able to provide smooth web services to you for free. We are looking forward to running our Tango-DJ.at website with MORE POWER for many more years for all of you Tango aficionados worldwide!


Tango-DJ.at Tango Database
~45.000 traditional Tango recordings

It was planned for a long time to bring information about Tango recordings onto the website as a database driven system. One big challenge is to implement this information in the website, but the much bigger challenge is to collect and work on the information in the first place. So finally we made it and about ~45.000 Tango recordings being published on CDs went online.

There is one big advantage and at the same time limitation to this database compared to other listings. There is only information about recordings which are in the Tango-DJ.at music archive. So it is possible to listen to every single entry of this database (not online though), but even well known information of recordings will be missing if we do not actually have the music. Please find more information about this database here:

  • this database is based on a partial export of the Tango-DJ.at music archive built up by Bernhard Gehberger
  • so each entry is based on actual music which can be listened to in order to help sorting out mistakes and conflicts (not online though)
  • the records being chosen for export are mainly from the period 1926 to 1975
  • hardly any Tango nuevo, non Tango, Tango specials, contemporary recordings are included
  • there are a few exceptions if considered to be of interest (Folklore, Chacarera, Zamba, Miguel Villasboas,..)
  • this is not meant to be a discography
  • information is provided to the best of one's knowledge
  • due to the amount of information provided and being work in progress there will be mistakes and wrong information
  • any feedback and help to make the this information even better is very much appreciated
  • big credits go to Michael Schöner who made all the database and search magic work

There is a simple as well as advanced search functions are provided to search the Tango database. Please find more information about the available functions on the database information page.

Tango-DJ.at Database

This database and the information within is provided as beta-version and lots of work has still to be done in order to correct mistakes, solve conflicting meta data and unclear information about recording dates, vocalists and much more.

In the future we will also add the information about recordings on LPs and SPs as we make transfers for Tango-DJ.at, Association for preservation and provision of argentine Tango music and dance.


Tango-CDs.com = Tango-DJ.at/shop
web shop for rare and special Tango CDs

End of December 2012 the Tango-DJ.at CD shop went online and can be found under Tango-DJ.at/shop or Tango-CDs.com.

Around 250 rare CDs from special labels and Tango clubs around the world are in stock and for sale. So you can find CDs by the labels:

  • Asociación de la Musica Porteña (AMP, Japan)
  • Club Tango Argentino (CTA, Japan)
  • Audio Park (Japan)
  • Harlequin (UK)
  • Sonder (Uruguay)
  • Buenos Aires Tango Club (BATC)
  • Rare CDs from various labels


We are proud to maintain the largest stock of AMP (200 CDs) and CTA (400 CDs) worldwide being able to ship any available CD of AMP or CTA within a day. Plenty of the CDs still being in stock can also not be found anywhere else. We also try to offer more and more sound samples as new CDs are being added.

In case you are concerned about 4% fees getting deducted by PayPal you may choose bank transfer as payment method and transfer the amount due via private PayPal transaction as most of you did before.

If you like our offer, please let people know about this new possibility to obtain very special and rare Tango CDs via Tango-DJ.at/shop - Tango-CDs.com! With every CD you get from us you are supporting our work in making even more Tangos available in better quality.


Tango-DJ.at & TangoTunes

Some of you might have heard already of a new project called TangoTunes initiated and run by Christian Xell. It was supposed to start in January 2013, but obviously experiences some delays.

So what is TangoTunes going to be? Christian bought and gained access to Tango collections in Buenos Aires last year. LPs are transferred by his staff, SPs in cooperation with TangoVia. (a project to archive Tangos, situated in Buenos Aires) Transfers of both (LPs and SPs) are going to be offered as downloads by TangoTunes GmbH. on tangotunes.com very much like we know it from a very similar sounding webservice. It will feature prelistening possibility as well as single track purchase in different qualities.

Producing transfers and offering them as digital downloads open up new possibilities. One of them is the possibility to offer files up to 24bit/192kHz, instead of the usual 16bit/44kHz CD quality ones. Since most of us are not at all familiar with anything beyond CD quality we strongly suggest to take a look into the technical details. This can be done by reading scientific papers which are hard to understand, or articles like this one "24/192 music downloads ...and why they make no sense" where techincal stuff is presented in a rather colloquial way. Summarizing the lengthy article above: Well, they do make sense, but you have to understand for what.

Using 24bit/96kHz-192khz does make sense when producing transfers for archiving and remastering purposes. Choose this format if you have professional equipment, software capable to work on those files and you want to spend several hours on each recording to tweak them to your ideas.

Using 24bit/192khz for playback is not only pointless, but possibly even harmful to the quality of sound and quite likely also for the overall playback stability of your system. The marketing explanation 24bit is 1.5 times better than 16bit, and 192khz gives you more than 4 times better frequency-response is simply wrong. In addition, plenty of playback equipment most of non professionals are using for playback will react in an unpredictable way when switching between 16bit/44khz lossless or lossy codecs and 24bit/96kHz-192kHz files. Please test it before using them on your next gig!

Tango-DJ.at is using highest quality 24bit/192kHz format for producing transfers for archiving and remastering purposes. For playback we recommend files in lossless CD quality 16bit/44kHz. Both will be offered for Tango-DJ.at transfers. For Tango-DJ.at Tango is not business, but lifestyle. As non-profit association we continue to research and publish extensive expert information about Tango music and other topics of Tango making it available for free.

Considering the outstanding work which has been done by Tango-DJ.at so far and will be done by Tango-DJ.at & TangoTunes in the future it seems like Vienna is working on a worldwide reputation of becoming a city not only of classical, but also Tango music. Tango-DJ.at is looking forward to cooperate with TangoTunes in order to provide best Tango music for Tango aficionados from around the world!


Discography of Miguel Villasboas

As you might know, there are some very nice recordings by Miguel Villasboas. Especially Milongas, but also Tangos and Valses. There are not too many CDs you can find. Most of them are published by Sondor and all of them are compilations of recordings originally published on LPs. Some under Sondor, some under Clave, a label which was bought later by Sondor. A big problem with almost all recordings by Miguel Villasboas is missing recording dates. With the help of Rafael, director of Sondor, I am proud to be able to provide you with the very first discography for Miguel Villasboas.

  • Discography of Miguel Villasboas sorted by disc numbers as pdf file
  • Discography of Miguel Villasboas sorted by titles as pdf file
  • Discography of Miguel Villasboas as excel sheet

At the moment it lists LPs and SPs only. To understand which versions were used to compile which CDs is a problem yet to be taken care of. I do hope to be able to figure out most of the recording dates being used on the CDs in the near future.

As always, any additional information or feedback is very much appreciated.


DJ-ing & dancing Tango

Austrian Alpine Abrazo 2013 - 12. to 15. of September 2013

Everybody who attended the first edition last year noticed that this event has the potential to become a sought after Tango event. It is not a festival or festivalito and we do not want to call it a Tango marathon or Encuentro. So what is it?

Well it is an event where international Tango dancers come together enjoying dancing with each other to the music of outstanding DJs while respecting the codigos of social Tango dance in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere created by a motivated team trying to maximize your experience. We do not want to exclude anybody, no matter of style or level, as long as you are capable and willing to respect our idea described above.

If you have been to our last edition and you liked it, please spread the word and invite friends you want to be with us. Details about registration and this years' event will be published in about a month on the website Tango-DJ.at.

You may want to take a look at the trailer of last year's Alpine Abrazo here:



Recommended upcoming international Tango events

Some international Tango events I am DJ-ing, recommending or travelling to:

Please mind that for most of these events registration is mandatory and if you are interested in taking part you have to find out about the registration modalities soon enough!


Tuesday's Práctica by Tango-DJ.at & Tangobailarin.es (Vienna/Austria)

Das erste Semester der Tuesday's Práctica hat begonnen. Bis ende Juni findet jeden Dienstag unsere Práctica wie folgt statt:

Tango-DJ.at Tuesday's Práctica every Tuesday / jeden Dienstag:
Geibelgasse 14-16
Vienna / Austria
Geführte Práctica, Lehrer: Bernhard, Birgit & Michael
Geibelgasse 14-16
Vienna / Austria
Ungeführte Práctica, freies Tanzen, Training

Unkostenbeitrag für geführte Práctica: 15,- EUR / Person (inkludiert freies Tanzen bis 24:00)

Unkostenbeitrag für freies Tanzen: 5,- EUR / Person (von 20:00-24:00)


Wir freuen uns auf euer Kommen!

Bernhard, Birgit & Michael


CD-reviews & news

SPECIAL SALE of BATC & CdT complete CD-collections

This might be a once in a lifetime chance for you to get a complete collection of some BATC or CdT CD series in perfect condition and in one go.

220 Buenos Aires Tango Club (BATC) CDs

I am selling my complete collection of Buenos Aires Tango Club (BATC) CDs:

  • ORQ: 142 CDs (complete)
  • COL: 46 CDs
  • DAN: 5 CDs (complete)
  • JAZZ: 6 CDs (complete)
  • DIEGON: 9 CDs
  • REVISTA: 6 CDs
  • VARIOUS: 6 CDs

Please find a complete listing of the CDs on Tango-DJ.at/shop and full track listings on my BATC collection page. It is for sale on Tango-DJ.at/shop for 2200,- EUR, but you can get in contact with me and place your offer any time.

446 Club De Tango (CdT) CDs

I am selling my complete collection of Club De Tango CDs (CDs in sleeves):

  • Francisco Canaro Sello Odeón: 120 CDs
  • Quinteto Don Pancho 1937-1940: 3 CDs
  • Quinteto Pirincho1940-1952: 4 CDs
  • Francisco Canaro en Japón 1.12.1961: 1 CD
  • Francisco Canaro en Chile 1929-1932: 1 CD
  • Roberto Firpo (1926-1944): 31 CDs
  • Osvaldo Fresedo Sello Victor 1922-1925: 9 CDs
  • Sello Odeón 1925-1928: 13 CDs
  • Sellos RCA Victor, Columbia, Odeón 1933-1980: 19 CDs
  • Enrique Rodríguez - Sello Odeón: 18 CDs
  • Miguel Caló 1932-1972: 19 CDs
  • Julio De Caro - Sello RCA Victor (1924-34), Brunswick (1929-32), Odeón (1935-41): 19 CDs
  • Francisco Lomuto: 31 CDs
  • Carlos Di Sarli: 21 CDs
  • Edgardo Donato y Orquesta Donato-Zerrillo: 21 CDs
  • Orquesta Típica Victor - Sello Victor Vol. 01-07 (1925-1928) & Vol. 17-22 (1933-1944): 13 CDs
  • Ricardo Tanturi (1937-1966): 9 CDs
  • Lucio Demare: 4 CDs
  • Pedro Laurenz & Dúo Maffia-Laurenz: 5 CDs
  • Juan D'Arienzo Sello Electra (1928-1929): 2 CDs
  • Juan D'Arienzo (1935-1955): 11 CDs
  • Juan D'Arienzo 1957-1975: 23 CDs
  • Various: 49 CDs of Ricardo Pedevilla, Pepe Aguirre, Tano Genaro, Juan Polito, Ciriaco Ortiz, Roberto Zerrillo, Ricardo Malerba, Ángel D'Agostino, Ángel Vargas, Francisco Lauro, Fulvio Salamanca, Tania, Roberto Firpo (hijo), and many more

Even if you are staying long time in Buenos Aires you will not be able to get this amount of CdT-CDs. It literally takes years to carry together such a collection of compilations featuring lots of very rare tracks which can not be found anywhere else. Here and now you have the possibility to easily obtain the whole bunch at once.

These 446 CDs are on sale for 4460,- EUR at Tango-DJ.at/shop. You can find the track listings of those CDs on the various collections page, Francisco Canaro collection page or searchable in the database. You can also get in contact with me and make your offer for this outstanding collection.


Aníbal Troilo, review of Troilo en RCA Victor

Certainly you know the series Troilo en RCA Victor Argentina consisting of 26 CDs and about 360 recordings. Those CDs look like this:

Troilo en RCA CD 594362 Troilo en RCA CD 594362

It is well known, easily available and probably the main source of Aníbal Troilo recordings for most people. However, for their transfers and/or remastering massive filtering and other dynamic enhancing and compressing tools were used. It resulted in a slightly metallic sound and even worse, some frequencies which can be disturbing or even kind of painful on many sound systems. While working with those I caught myself to jump away from every track as fast as possible because it was simply unpleasant to listen to it.

Recently I was able to obtain the complete old series of only 16 CDs but same amount of recordings called Aníbal Troilo Obra Completa en RCA which looks like this (in different colors):

Troilo Obra Completa en RCA CD 76711 Troilo Obra Completa en RCA CD 76711 Troilo Obra Completa en RCA CD 76711

While working through those transfers I noticed that it is pleasant to listen to it. Very different from the new series described above. Of course there are exceptions and some transfers are not very good. Overall it has more hiss and noise, but the sound is natural and pleasant to listen to. Since the difference was so big I took a look at it as well (recording: "El marne").

The upper wave is showing the new remastered series, the lower the old one. As you can see massive compressor and most likely also other tools were used to push the sound for the newly remastered series. Plenty of the peaks were even cut off in order to be able to make everything even louder.

More and more often I notice that the new remastered versions are in fact worse than the old series/versions. I remind you of similar findings for the latest releases of Colección 78 RPM (which are not done in cooperation with Sony any more) and BATC's serie DIEGON compared to the old ORQ series. (btw. if you are interested in those (BATC ORQ-series), I am selling my complete collection)

So if you are not really happy with the sound of the newest Troilo series you might consider to listen again to the old one. By the way, the recordings published on BMG/RCA Tango Argentino CDs are comparable to those on Obra Completa and look like this:

Cover BMG Tango Argentino CD 49724 front Cover BMG Tango Argentino CD 49724 back Cover BMG Tango Argentino CD 49724 inlay


La Fonola CDs

Pablo, a friend from Buenos Aires called my attention to following 3 CDs. I'd consider them being rather unknown. They might be interesting for some of you because they feature some rare and otherwise unpublished recordings of various artists. (e.g. Verdemar, Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli con Bob Toledo y Jorge Durán)

La Fonola Inéditos - Orquesta Típicas en Temas Instrumentales - CDFOG 548

01. Rodríguez Peña - Orquesta Florindo Sassone - 3:06 - ???? - Tango - Vivo en Hibiya-Koukaidou
02. El choclo - Orquesta Leopoldo Federico - 3:03 - ???? - Tango - Japón
03. Gallo ciego - Orquesta Horacio Salgán - Ubaldo de Lio y Gran Orquesta - 2:49 - ???? - Tango - Japón
04. El soplón - Orquesta Ricardo Malerba - 2:30 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
05. La yumba - Carlos Garcia y orquesta - 3:44 - ???? - Tango - Vivo en Japón
06. Yira yira - Enrique Mario Francini y su Orquesta Sinfónica - 2:47 - ???? - Tango - Vivo en Japón
07. Cuando canta mi gallo - Orquesta Alfredo De Angelis - 2:05 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
08. Escalas en azul - Orquesta Simbolo Osmar Maderna - 2:29 - ???? - Tango - Primer Aniversario de la muerte de Maderna
09. Quejas de bandoneón - Orquesta Rodolfo Biagi - 2:56 - ???? - Tango - Del "Glostora Tango Club"
10. Fuegos artificiales - Orquesta Juan D'Arienzo - 2:39 - 1946 - Tango - De "Ronda Musical de las Américas"
11. Catamarca - Alberto Mancione - 2:17 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
12. A la gran muñeca - Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli - 2:47 - 1952 - Tango - Audición "Pinceladas Porteñas"
13. Tiny - Orquesta Pedro Maffia - 2:18 - 1946 - Tango - De "Ronda Musical de las Américas"
14. Copacabana - Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese - 2:59 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
15. Mi dolor - Orquesta Ricardo Tanturi - 2:29 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
16. La pifiada - Orquesta Armando Pontier - 2:43 - 1956 - Tango - Carnavales de "Huracán"
17. Valsecito alegre - Joaquin de Reyes - 2:28 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
18. El buscapie - Orquesta Miguel Caló - 2:21 - 1946 - Tango - De "Ronda Musical de las Américas"
19. El taura - Orquesta Orlando Goñi - 2:54 - ???? - Tango - Grabación Particular
20. Mi redención - Orquesta Alfredo Gobbi - 2:18 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial

La Fonola Inéditos Orquestas con Cantores - CDFOG 549

01. Sublime adoración - Orquesta Domingo Federico con Armando Moreno - 2:26 - ???? - Tango - Grabación Particular
02. La mulateada - Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli con Jorge Durán - 2:09 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
03. Con la otra - Orquesta Francisco Rotundo con Enrique Campos - 2:26 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
04. La noche que te fuiste - Orquesta Simbolo Osmar Maderna con Orlando Verri - 2:50 - ???? - Tango - Primer Aniversario fallecimiento de Osmar Maderna
05. Carnaval - Astor Piazzolla con Héctor Insua - 2:40 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial en Uruguay
06. No te engañes corazón - Orquesta Armando Pontier con Roberto Florio - 2:59 - 1956 - Tango - Bailes de Huracán en 1956
07. El bulín del da calle Ayacucho - Orquesta Armando Pontier con Julio Sosa - 3:07 - 1956 - Tango - Carnavales de Huracán en 1956
08. La casita de mis viejos - Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese con Augusto Gauthier - 1:30 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
09. Triste comedia - Orquesta Alberto Mancione con Jorge Ledesma - 2:37 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
10. Mi regalo - Orquesta Orlando Goñi con Osvaldo Cabrera - 2:50 - ???? - Tango - Grabación Particular
11. Verdemar - Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli con Bob Toledo y Jorge Durán - 2:07 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
12. Remembranzas - Orquesta Juan D'Arienzo con Osvaldo Ramos - 3:44 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
13. Tango y copas - Orquesta Miguel Caló con Raúl Iriarte - 2:35 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
14. Con cuatro copas encima - Orquesta Alfredo De Angelis con Carlos Dante - 3:08 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
15. Parroquiano - Enrique Campos y Alfredo Calabro - 2:19 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial
16. Gracias - Orquesta Pedro Laurenz con Héctor Juncal - 2:33 - ???? - Tango -
17. Canción desesperada - Orquesta Osmar Maderna con Luis Tolosa - 2:59 - ???? - Tango - Acetato
18. Lo han visto con otra - Quinteto Real con Roberto Rufino - 3:12 - ???? - Tango - Versión Radial

Las Joyas de La Fonola - F 764

01. Entre tu amor y mi amor - Orquesta Alfredo Gobbi con Angel Díaz - 2:55 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
02. C.T.V. - Orquesta Alfredo Gobbi - 3:16 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
03. Esta noche de luna - Orquesta Alfredo Gobbi con Carlos Nogues - 3:37 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
04. Cosita linda - Orquesta Alfredo Gobbi con Angel Díaz y Carlos Nogues - 2:49 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
05. Budinazo - Orquesta Alfredo Gobbi con Carlos Nogues - 5:42 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
06. Mal de amores - Antonio Ríos - 3:21 - ???? - Tango - Grabaciones particulares
07. Abandono - Gustavo Nocetti - 2:41 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
08. Un jardín de ilusión - Ignacio Corsini y Ada Falcón - 4:32 - ???? - Tango - Grabaciones particulares
09. Griseta - Antonio Ríos - 3:06 - ???? - Tango - Grabaciones particulares
10. Percal - Manuel Sucher y Enrique Campos - 1:33 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
11. Che Bandoneón - Orquesta Aníbal Troilo con Roberto Achával - 5:22 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
12. De antaño - Antonio Ríos - 3:24 - ???? - Tango - Grabaciones particulares
13. La que murió en París - Gustavo Nocetti - 2:38 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
14. Margarita Gauthier - Manuel Sucher y A. Laborde - 1:29 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
15. La Novena - Oscar Alonso - 4:03 - ???? - Tango - Grabaciones particulares
16. Malena - Orquesta Aníbal Troilo con Roberto Goyeneche - 3:13 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
17. Horas amargas - Antonio Ríos - 2:39 - ???? - Tango - Grabaciones particulares
18. Mañana zarpa un barco - Gustavo Nocetti - 2:57 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
19. Con cuatro copas encima - Orquesta Alfredo De Angelis con Carlos Dante - 3:10 - ???? - Tango - Versiones Radiales
20. Palomita Blanca - Antonio Ríos - 2:27 - ???? - Tango - Grabaciones particulares

Old World Tangos Vol. 4 - Istanbul Tango 1927-1953 - RIEN CD 80

I reviewed the first three albums of this CD series published by Oriente Musik all of them featuring very rare and interesting Tangos from somewhere in Europe. All of the CDs come with an extensive CD booklet giving detailed information about the artists and recordings. You can take a look at one of the booklets as well as the track listings (including all the special characters if you are looking for them) at my CD listing of various labels.

Matthias, a friend from Germany called my attention to this latest release. Vol. 4 is dedicated to Turkish Tangos and as interesting as the previous 3 albums. But please mind: interesting from a listening and reading point of view, not too much / hardly anything can be used for DJ-ing a Milonga! (and correct tagging is also kind of challenging if not used to Turkish characters..)

Soundsample track 9, Cemile:
Soundsample track 20, Yillar Var Ki:

1 Tango Türk - Tango Turque - Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi (solo piano) - 1927 - Tango
2 Sarı Samur - Fikriye Hanım with unknown orchestra - 1932 - Tango
3 Inci - Seyyan Hanım and the Fehmi Ege Orkestrası - 1933 - Tango
4 Özleyiş - Seyyan Hanım with the Telsiz Caz Orkestrası - 1933 - Tango
5 Ne Tath Bir An - Seyyan Hanım with the Necip Aşkın Orkestrası - 1934 - Tango
6 O Siyah Gözler - Birsen Alan with the Eduardo Bianco Arjantin Orkestrası - 1936 - Tango
7 Zehra - Birsen Alan with the Park Otel Orkestrası - 1937 - Tango
8 Tango Nokturno (Düşün Bir Gece) - Birsen Alan with the Park Otel Masaric Orkestrası - 1936 - Tango
9 Cemile - Birsen Alan with the Park Otel Mesarik Caz Orkestrası - 1936 - Tango
10 Kalbim Senindir - Unknown singer with Colombia Cazı Orkestrası conducted by S. Poroy - 1933 - Tango
11 Git Artık - Hikmet Hanım with the Seven Stars Band Cazı Orkestra - 1938 - Tango
12 Günler - Bedriye Tüzün with the Seven Stars Band Cazı Orkestra - 1935 - Tango
13 Bitmeyen Rüya - İbrahim Özgür - 1938 - Tango
14 Sonmedi Ateşim - İbrahim Özgür - 1938 - Tango
15 Unutmak İstiyorum - Celal İnce - 1952 - Tango
16 Şüphe - Celal İnce - 1952 - Tango
17 Ayrlıkı - Celal İnce - 1952 - Tango
18 Sana Nerden Gönül Verdim - Celal İnce - 1953 - Tango
19 Papatya - Şecaatin Tanyerli - 1949 - Tango
20 Yillar Var Ki - Şecaatin Tanyerli - 1951 - Tango
21 Ne Olurdu Sen Benim Olsaydın - Zehra Eren - 1953 - Tango
22 Dinle Sevgili - Zehra Eren - 1955 - Tango


CTA - Club Tango Argentino by Akihito Baba-san

Lastest releases of December 2012 are available at Tango-DJ.at/shop:

Francisco Lomuto Vol. 5 (1934) - (CTA-225)

Cover CTA-225 front Cover CTA-225 back Cover CTA-225 inlay

Soundsample track 16, Nyrka:

01. Dímelo al oído - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:32 - 1934 - Tango
02. Amor, cómo me has ponido!.. - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 3:05 - 1934 - Ranchera
03. Papel picado - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:51 - 1934 - Tango
04. Esquinas porteñas - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:44 - 1934 - Vals
05. Serenata - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:19 - 1934 - Tango
06. Lirio blanco - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 3:07 - 1934 - Vals
07. Corrientes y Esmeralda - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:31 - 1934 - Tango
08. Yo quisiera un novio - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:21 - 1934 - Ranchera
09. Qué hacés Patoruzú - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:35 - 1934 - Ranchera
10. Bibelot - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:44 - 1934 - Tango
11. Lo que no escuchó Dios - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 3:09 - 1934 - Vals
12. Churrasca - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 3:11 - 1934 - Tango
13. Amor campero - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 3:07 - 1934 - Ranchera
14. Mi consejo - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:35 - 1934 - Tango
15. Yo soy aquel muchacho - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:37 - 1934 - Tango
16. Nyrka - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 3:11 - 1934 - Vals
17. Ceferino - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 3:07 - 1934 - Tango
18. Carioca - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto - 3:05 - 1934 - Rumba
19. Flor de mi rancho - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:50 - 1934 - Ranchera
20. Si tú supieras querer - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto con Fernando Díaz - 2:48 - 1934 - Foxtrot
21. Don Goyo - Orquesta Francisco Lomuto - 2:29 - 1934 - Tango

Eduardo Del Piano (1951-1953) - (CTA-433)

Cover CTA-433 front Cover CTA-433 back Cover CTA-433 inlay

Soundsample track 07, El taita:

01. Chiqué (El elegante) - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 3:01 - 1951 - Tango
02. La rayuela - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 3:06 - 1951 - Tango
03. Margot - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Mario Bustos - 3:05 - 1951 - Tango
04. No me pregunten por qué - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Héctor De Rosas - 3:20 - 1951 - Tango
05. Milonga con variación - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 3:15 - 1951 - Tango
06. En la via - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Mario Bustos - 2:57 - 1951 - Tango
07. El taita - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 3:16 - 1952 - Tango
08. Tu olvido - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Mario Bustos y Héctor De Rosas - 2:51 - 1952 - Vals
09. Ahí va el dulce - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 3:11 - 1952 - Tango
10. Virgen de la serrania (Virgen de serrania) - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Mario Bustos y Héctor De Rosas - 3:17 - 1952 - Tango
11. El arroyito - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 2:52 - 1952 - Tango
12. Mocosita - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Héctor De Rosas - 3:25 - 1952 - Tango
13. Para florearse - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 2:12 - 1952 - Milonga
14. No te quiero más - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Mario Bustos - 3:02 - 1952 - Tango
15. El choclo - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 2:54 - 1953 - Tango
16. Cuartito azul - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Héctor De Rosas - 3:21 - 1953 - Tango
17. El Cachafaz - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 2:50 - 1953 - Tango
18. Infamia - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Mario Bustos - 3:23 - 1953 - Tango
19. La revancha - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano - 2:47 - 1953 - Tango
20. Discos de Gardel - Orquesta Eduardo Del Piano con Mario Bustos y Héctor De Rosas - 3:10 - 1953 - Tango

Francisco Canaro Vol. 18 (1929) (II) - (CTA-778)

Cover CTA-778 front Cover CTA-778 back Cover CTA-778 inlay

Soundsample track 12, Guitarra:

01. Mientras llora el tango - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 3:15 - 1929 - Tango
02. Zaraza - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 2:59 - 1929 - Tango
03. Sos bueno vos también - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 3:19 - 1929 - Tango
04. La reina del tango - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 2:46 - 1929 - Tango
05. Varoncito - Orquesta Francisco Canaro - 3:39 - 1929 - Tango
06. Amorcito - Orquesta Francisco Canaro - 3:18 - 1929 - Tango
07. La traición - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 3:01 - 1929 - Tango
08. Del viejo barrio porteño - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 3:14 - 1929 - Tango
09. Flor de rea - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 2:56 - 1929 - Tango
10. De a traición - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 2:51 - 1929 - Tango
11. La canción de vidalita - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 3:05 - 1929 - Tango
12. Guitarra - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 3:01 - 1929 - Tango
13. Solitario - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 2:47 - 1929 - Tango
14. La batuta - Orquesta Francisco Canaro - 2:59 - 1929 - Tango
15. El mago - Orquesta Francisco Canaro - 2:56 - 1929 - Tango
16. Noches de carnaval - Orquesta Francisco Canaro - 3:20 - 1929 - Tango
17. Midinette - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Ada Falcón - 3:09 - 1929 - Tango
18. Porqué me dejaste - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 2:48 - 1929 - Tango
19. Primavera - Orquesta Francisco Canaro - 2:38 - 1929 - Tango
20. Maldonado - Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Charlo - 3:08 - 1929 - Tango

We could restock some pieces of "out-of-print" CTA-CDs:


And ONE more copy of that legendary Juan Maglio "Pacho" Vals CD:


Preview of new CTA releases by Akihito Baba announced for end of February 2013


CTA-226 Francisco Lomuto Vol. 6 (1934-35)

CTA-355 Ángel D'Agostino

CTA-871 Alberto Gómez Vol. 1 (1929-35)


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