TANGO-DJ.AT Membership
TANGO-DJ.AT Membership

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84,00 € / year

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Product Description

You may become a full TANGO-DJ.AT member by signing up to this 1 year TANGO-DJ.AT membership. Your membership lasts for one year starting with the date of your subscription. Unless you cancel it, it will be renewed automatically. Membership fee is 84,- € per year.

By doing so you may become part of a small group of people being Tango-DJs, Tango collectors, or simply dedicated to Tango, looking for best quality and rare recordings.

As a member you will benefit from

  • Tango transfers and restorations produced by TANGO-DJ.AT and released for members only
  • Tango transfers of private Tango collectors
  • Prioritized support for your Tango inquiries
  • Discounts at TANGO-DJ.AT Tango events

TANGO-DJ.AT is an association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango founded by Bernhard Gehberger in 2012, situated in Vienna/Austria. TANGO-DJ.AT is organizing international Tango events, distributing Tango music and publishing extensive information about Tango as music and dance.

The Tango music collection TANGO-DJ.AT is working with covers basically all recordings available on commercial Tango CDs and CDs issued by Tango clubs and private collectors around the world. TANGO-DJ.AT is specialized in rare and hard to find recordings and tries to discover and re-publish “new” recordings not being available any more nowadays. This requires lots of time, work and money. By being a full TANGO-DJ.AT member you support our work in making new and better quality Tango music available!