TANGO-DJ.AT 3. Newsletter 2021
Dear {name},

I hope you are doing fine in those difficult times. I sadly have to write another newsletter from a lockdown here in Austria. We had to cancel our tango events planned for the rest of the year. I therefore spend plenty of time working on the database again.
Contributions by Private Collectors
Last time I introduced several digital tango labels. This time I want to shout out loud a big thank you to various private collectors who decided to contribute to our TANGO-DJ.AT ARCHIVE and DATABASE. Despite featuring 83.000+ tango recordings some of our members still find recordings in their collection which are missing in my database. Some of them applaudably go through the extensive work of producing transfers of their recordings and contribute them to our TANGO-DJ.AT ARCHIVE. I therefore spend more and more work on those contributions and add their meta-data information and soundsamples to the database.

Some of our recent contributors are:

Serjan Pruis is transferring mostly 78-RPM records from his collection. Some of them missing in my database all together, plenty of them in very good, to outstanding quality versions.

Collection Serjan Pruis @ TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE

Dora D'Istria transfers mostly tango LPs from her collection. Again plenty of those recordings were missing in my database, or were released in better quality on those LPs.

Collection Dora d'Istria @ TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE

Marco Sambo contributes old tango CDs missing in my database as most of them were released before I started with my tango collection and most of them are not available any more anywhere.

Collection Marco Sambo @ TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE

I am extremely thankfull for their contributions to our archive and database. They immensely help to complete this tango database and the information which becomes available to its users and members. If you are, or you know tango collectors who could be willing to contribute missing tango records or recordings, please let them know or get us in touch so we could even expand such contributions.

Please note that those are private archive transfers which we received as contribution to our tango archive. I can publish meta data information and soundsamples about those recordings via the TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE to our supporting members. Those are not digital products I can offer to you for purchase. But the meta data being added to our database should be helpfull to find new and interesting tango recordings, as well as give you the information about where you can find them.

If there is sincere interest in some of those recordings please feel free to get in touch with us and I can try to get you in touch, or sort out all related issues to work on those recordings and release them as digital products to our supporting members.
Contemporary Tango Orchestras and Recordings
Besides of keep adding "old tango recordings" I focus on adding more and more contemporary tango recordings as well. We list tango recordings from around ~1970 to now as Tango Nuevo in our database and since there are more and more tango orchestras producing contemporary tango music and CD releases, I try to cover more of those products as well in my database. Ultimately the TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE should cover all tango recordings there is - therefore new tango releases will be added as well.

One of the recent contributions in this regard was done by the Italien tango orchestra HYPERION ENSEMBLE. A big thank you to them for making all their CD releases available to us. By adding their work I can tell that Hyperion Ensemble successfully covers dramatic, concertant performances as well as rhythmic and perfectly danceable tango recordings. For obvious reasons those must be extremely difficult times for tango orchestras nowadays, please support their work and visit their websbite.

I am looking forward to further improve the amount and quality of meta data of more contemporary tango recordings. If you know tango musicians or tango orchestras producing tango releases (digital releases or physical CDs (they need to be professional and commercially available)) who might be interested in contributing their recordings to be featured in my database - please let them know and get us in touch.
In the unlikely case you don't know what all of that was about - it's about preservation and provision of Argentine tango music. I maintain the largest digital accessible tango archive and publish tango meta data information in the TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE featuring 83.000+ recordings.

Plenty of meta data is available for free to everyone, soundsamples, cover art details (full booklets) and extended meta data is accessible for supporting members only. If you find this helpful and/or you want to support this project, please subscribe to one of our supporting membership options.
Vienna Calling Tango Marathon
As pointed out in the beginning - we had to cancel all of our tango events for the rest of 2021. So far we have not decided on any fixed dates for 2022 other than our upcoming Vienna Calling Tango Marathon 2022 Spring Edition taking place 13-15 May 2022.

We still have to fix and announce a date for registration start which probabaly will be in the beginning of next year. If you want to be informed about the registration start as soon as we fix and publish the date, please subscribe for our VCTM Newsletter here.

Stay healthy,
big tango hugs,


Association for the preservation
and provision of Argentine tango

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