TANGO-DJ.AT Newsletter 2021-2
Dear {name},

are we all going to dance again like we used to do any time soon? At least as far as large international events are concerened, that's a huge question mark. One thing is for sure though, we still can work and listen to tango music as much as we like! And there have been some exciting new projects.

Before going on holiday for 2 weeks starting from this Saturday, July 24th until August 8th I want to give a short update regarding various tango music and event topics.

TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE & Digital Tango Music Projects:

- Latest TangoTunes Release - Todo de Alfredo de Angelis, 1943-1945
- Latest Tango Time Travel Release - Todos de Osvaldo Fresedo 1940-1948
- New Digital Music Project: Crackling Tunes Tango Club


- International Milonga
- Vienna Calling Tango Marathon

Have a wonderfull summer,
big hugs,

TangoTunes released Alredo De Angelis recordings from 1943-1945 in exceptional quality. Almost all of them are now available in better quality than before. It's highly recommended to check them out, compare to what's out there so far and update your music library.

You can find them on TangoTunes Website - Todo de Alfredo De Angelis 1943-1945 as full compilation and single tracks.
Tango Time Travel also released a new project featuring Todos de Osvaldo Fresedo 1940-1948 covering 110 recordings. This TTT-release has again exceptional release notes annd transfers in state-of-the-art quality. It makes plenty of very hard to find rare recordings of Osvaldo Fresedo from 1940-1948 available easily to you. Please check them out and find new gems of tango music!

You can find those on the Tango Time Travel Website - Todos de Osvaldo Fresedo 1940-1948 as full compilation and single tracks in file formats!
And a brand new project with a different concept is the CRACKLING TUNES TANGO CLUB. It's about to be launched any time soon and offers regular new transfers based on different membership fees. Best membership prices will be available just for the start of the project and will increase later on. So, check it out now, in time to join the project for the best price possible!

Crackling Tunes released two free give-away transfers already. Those are Lilián by Juan D'Arienzo from 1944 and El apache argentino by Juan D'Arienzo from 1944. Crackling Tunes chose recordings which are available from many various releases already in order to be able to compare their transfers against them.

I can confirm that those are again unique and new transfers of those recordings, ready for you to check out if you fancy those transfers and consider joining this project.
TANGO-DJ.AT does not benefit from sales of above projects TangoTunes, Tango Time Travel and Crackling Tunes Tango Club in any way. But I find it important to support any state-of-the-art tango music project putting in a lot of time, work and money in order to produce unique and new tango music products for our tango community.

Like my own project TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE, these initiatives can only continue to work and provide new tango music and services with the support from the tango community. Please consider to check out those great projects, see if you find usefull products for you and decide to support those projects by becominng a member or buying some music from them.

It's because of a small, but very loyal group of supporting TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE members, I can keep up the TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE project. Our Database is providing extensive meta data information, 1,5 minutes sound samples and full cover/booklet scans of more than 81.000 tango recordings. It is maintained and extended on a daily basis and does include archive transfers from 78-RPM records, LPs, almost all tango CDs and also the very latest digital releases by above projects.

The TANGO-DJ.AT DATABASE is by far the most extensive digital accessible tango music archive available and enables its members to compare almost any tango recording available on any media against other releases, as well as check correct meta data. As for the projects above, if you find it helpful please consider to join as a supporting member by choosing one of the available membership options.
And now to our plans regarding tango events in 2021:

We are optimistic to be able to start organizing again in 2021. However, since our events International Milonga and Vienna Calling Tango Marathon both are rather large events we have to consider a lot of conditions. Sadly regulations regarding large indoor events and international travelling are still changing weekly. It is therefore extremely difficult to start planning larger tango events.

International Milonga, Louis Braille Saal, Vienna
As of now we do plan to start with our International Milongas again in September, October and December of 2021. We have not fixed the dates yet, but we'll send out a newsletter to our tango events list when we announce the dates.

Vienna Calling Tango Marathon
We have not forgotten our participants who planned to be with us back in May 2020! Thank you so much for sitting this out together with us! If there is a small chance to organize our marathon, we are going to organize VCTM in November 2021! As of now, we still have to wait a little longer to understand how the situation develops. We do hope to be able to welcome you back in Vienna for VCTM in November 2021!

Have a wonderful summer,
big tango hugs,


Association for the preservation
and provision of Argentine tango

Buergergasse 18/14
1100 Vienna
Austria / Europe

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